The Metropolitan Museum of Art


One of my favorite museums ever. Honestly, probably the first museum I ever went to as a kid (I think it was a school field trip, maybe)? In any case, it was love at first sight and whenever we are in town we always try to stop in. It’s so grand and so New York to me. 100% always.

So I follow them on twitter. Of course I do. Because, ART. Don’t you too? If not, you should. It’s @metmuseum if you are interested.

Anyway, they tweeted the following, “Read online or download a PDF of a Met publication about the celebrated artist, Edgar Degas.” Of course Edgar Degas is one of my favorite artists of all times. But what really caught my attention? The “read online or download a PDF” part. So I clicked the link. And promptly downloaded (for FREE) books and books (all out of print) about Degas, and Monet, and Manet, and, and, and…They even have the bulletins from different years available. Want to read about the exhibitions they had in 1972 (and look at the awesome design of the document)? You can do that. Want to see a complete catalog of all works, ever? You can do that. What about information from the Christian Dior exhibit in the ’90s? Sure.

You won’t believe the treasure trove that is out there! Want to check it out? Of course I’ll take this opportunity to remind you that if you can, you should become a member of this museum or any museum because where would we all be without art? For more thought-provoking points on this, please go see the movie The Monuments Men. You won’t regret it, promise!

The Semester is Almost Over


Please repeat after me. THE SEMESTER IS ALMOST OVER. Of course in theory, this mantra should make me feel better. In reality, it makes me feel worse. 

Read it more like this:


(Now raise your arms over your head and give a good Kermit flail). Again.

Now you know how I feel. Have a great day!

That Darn Cat


Oh That Darn Cat!

Have you heard of this movie from 1965, that was a Walt Disney Productions film and starred Hayley Mills (in her last of six movies she made for Disney Studios)?

I hadn’t either, until we were rooting around a used bookstore and I found this very thing.

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The War of Art



If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this picture . What you don’t know is this is where I sat for 6+ hours straight. I think I got up once to use the ladies and get a coffee refill. I couldn’t tell you who was sitting around me and I swear if the building had burst into flames, I’m not sure I would have noticed. I was in my territory – designing and writing –  and haven’t ever had such a long stretch of time where I was so focused and creative. It was delicious.

I’m fascinated with everyone’s creative backstory – their creative journey, if you will. I’ve read and listened to so many interviews of creative people and I always read the About page first on a new-to-me blog. I want to know about the person who is writing. It’s very important to me to try and understand who people are. I guess I look at it like I am letting these people into my life (in one way or another), so let’s say if I met them at a dinner party, what would I take away from a conversation with them? I would probably at least feel like I got the main bullet points of who they are, and depending on how long the conversation was, I could probably decide whether I wanted to meet and talk to this person again or not.

So many people have mentioned the book The War of Art as a key source of their inspiration that I decided I would finally spend some time with it. Of course, I found the book on our very own bookshelf! I suppose we had bought it at one point and then forgot about it? That seems hard to imagine, although if you show Carl and Kristen a place that has/sells books, that’s our example of a good time. I suspect we have many, many, more books that we don’t even know about!

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A New Perspective on Seeing


{Warby Parker/BonLook/Rivet & Sway/Rowley Eyewear}

I’ve worn glasses all my life, so it seems. At some point in junior high I could no longer see the chalkboard at school, so off I went to the eye doctor (sadly awful eyesight runs in my family). I was fitted with a pair of glasses (with lenses that changed with the sun – how dreadful) and I immediately placed the offending accessory in my back pocket unless their use became absolutely, critically necessary. Being as stubborn as I am, I moved closer to the front of the class and spent most of the next few years squinting quite hard. However once high school rolled around, I could fake it no longer, and even though more “fashionable” glasses were purchased, I hated having to wear them with a passion. And then my world changed – soft contacts became available (well, lest you think I am a zillion years old, they existed for years before, but I’m guessing that by the time I reached high school I was deemed old enough to try them out).

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Residential Design Class – Project 4



I know what you’re thinking – what happened to projects 2 and 3? Well the projects are running quite out of order at the moment (thanks, weather), so I thought I’d start talking about this semester-long project now, because why not?

We measured an area that is upstairs from our classroom (it is actually a cafeteria), but we are to treat the space as a loft. A loft that is, indeed, on the 26th floor of a high-rise building which overlooks Lake Michigan (so it’s in Chicago). The space has windows all along the north wall (I will post layout drawings once they are done), the entry door is on the south wall, and the space has the dubious honor to contain several columns and pilasters that must stay in the space (they actually support the building’s structure). Quick tip: when you measure a long distance and two people are holding the tape measure, make sure that you lay the tape measure on the ground. Do not measure in the air if you want accuracy, of course.

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The History of Typography


Such a fun little animated short out there which shows the history of typography in 5 minutes! Cool, yeah?

I bookmarked this video months ago when I was going through Garance Doré during my daily blog reading session.

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On Spending Money



There’s been a lot of criticism over the past few years about bloggers who seem to mostly talk about items to buy. Of course I don’t really think of myself as a “blogger” (maybe an all-over-the-place-creative person who writes.). There was some impression out there in blog land that 1) these bloggers were purchasing all of the items and were therefore “rich”, 2) the bloggers were getting the items for free, and/or 3) these same bloggers were contributing to existing societal materialism issues.

I can’t speak for other bloggers, only for myself, and I can assure you that 99% of the items I introduce you to I don’t own, didn’t get for free, and I probably won’t ever own. The reason I am sharing them with you is because each individual item has something about it that I think you’ll enjoy – most often – original, creative design that I want to share!

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Kari Herer Photography


Months ago I was at IKEA, as usual, and I saw a collection of prints which caught my eye.

In fact, I panicked. I thought, “…these are just like the prints I bookmarked years ago! It isn’t like IKEA to sell someone’s copied artwork!” But, in tiny letters on the bottom was Kari Herer‘s signature. Whew. And then I forgot about the whole event, apparently.

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Interior Design Decision


The image above is from my first day of design school (Design Basics class). We were asked to display the personal items we were carrying in order to introduce ourselves to the class. We only had ten minutes to organize, style, photograph, crop, and upload the images and then chose the best one to display on the larger screen.

I’ve been thinking about interior design vs. interior decoration a lot lately, and while I know it can be a very polarizing topic, I’d like to talk about it a little and about why I ultimately made the decision to pursue interior design.

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